The first ever all-in-one platform to centralize all necessary business operations when
selling online, from customer acquisition to product fulfillment.

Proper Management of The E-Commerce Business Model

Customer acquisition, management of sales channels, and fulfillment of products make up the e-commerce business model. With EASY, businesses can manage their entire business model from one platform with holistic recommendations and insights created from EASY’s total insight model.

Ad Automation

Our ad automation module allows businesses to automate their online programmatic ad spend across all major ad channels for more efficient ad campaigns, increasing sales and reach.

Sales Channel
Management Module

Manage all online sales channels, whether that’s a brand’s own website, Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, or any other major sales channel, directly from EASY.

Sales Channel
Management Module

Manage all online sales channels, whether that’s a brand’s own website, Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, or any other major sales channel, directly from EASY.

Insight Model:

EASY’s total insight model takes data across all of EASY to compare sales, ad, and inventory data to provide complete insights. From seasonal pricing and listing change suggestions to sales projections based on out-of-stock competitors.

Customer Acquisition
that accelerates

Ad automation with today’s AI technology

make sales channel
management headache free

With EASY’s SCM module, brands can spend less time making changes to each
sales channel and more time on what matters, their products

Pick and Pack Fulfillment that scales as you grow

EASY’s pick and pack fulfillment and inventory management module allows brands to
have their inventory managed and sent to customers as needed.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfillment includes warehousing, pick, and packaging.

EASY’s Inventory Management Module

Brands can have all their product inventory managed through one easy tab going over inventory in all sales channels as well as EASY warehouses.

First and Third-Party Sales Channel Fulfillment

All e-commerce channels that require separate inventory, such as Amazon FBA, are sent correctly optimized inventory levels while seller-fulfilled channels, such as Shopify, are picked and packaged and shipped through our shipping partners.

3PL integration

EASY will provide recommended 3PL partners but also integrates with any 3PL.

Analytics To Provide Recommendations, Data, and Strategies

These are example data points being used actual metrics/data points can/will differ

Ad Automation Data
  • CPC
  • ROAS
  • Conversion Rate
Sales Channel Management Data
  • Revenue Per Channel
  • Category Specialization Per Product For Every Sales Channel
Inventory Management Data
  • Holding Times Per Product/ Product Line
  • Average Frequency for Shipments To Direct Consumers/ 3rd Party Channels
EASY Provides Curated Recommendations, Data, and Strategies for Use, Example Strategies Include:
  • Automatically projecting the correct sales increase and sending shipments to a specific sales channel when a direct competitor has run out of stock.
  • Automatically increasing ad spend and sending extra inventory for a seasonal product, capitalizing on peak demand while providing profit maximization.
  • Identifying the right products to focus on for varying sales channels/demographics.

Let’s Get You Started

If you’re just starting out EASY can help with setting up certain
parts of your e-commerce infrastructure.

Managed Integration

We understand integrating into a helpful software platform can often be tricky. MethodEASY provides complete managed integration into EASY so that starting to use our platform is pain-free.


Need your website updated? EASY users get complimentary website updates for first-time users.

Third-Party Sales
Channel Initial Setup

Need to be set up on third-party sales channels such as Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, or Newegg? We can help with that.


Brand registry on third-party sales channels gives brands benefits such as gating products, specific content options not available otherwise, and access to new ad types. MethodEASY manages the brand registry process for all its clients.